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Purchase a lot in Hazelwood Estates Phase 2 before July 1, 2017 and save $5,000! Spacious lots starting at $89,800. Contact the Development Officer for details! 403-227-3376

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Are you and your family thinking about relocating? Consider the Town of Innisfail! Conveniently situated at a prime location on the Calgary-Edmonton corridor, the Town has plenty of luxurious homes and desirable lots available. They won’t last long though, so contact our Development Officer (403-227-3376) for more information today!

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Napoleon Meadows


napoleon meadows april2017

Napoleon Meadows Marketing Map
Napoleon Meadows offers homeowners and builders the opportunity to construct a luxury dream home next to the picturesque Napoleon Lake. With gorgeous views and easy access to a number of walkways and parks, the development allows active families an affordable opportunity to own a home in one of Central Alberta's most desirable neighbourhoods.

Additional Information:

  Napoleon Meadows Detail Lot Information (PDF)   Napoleon Meadows Location (PDF)   Napoleon Meadows FAQ (PDF)  Napoleon Meadows Architectural Guidelines (PDF)

Hazelwood Estates


INN Hazelwood Estates June 2017

 Hazelwood Estates Phase 2 Marketing Map (PDF)

Situated between Dodd’s Lake and the Innisfail Golf Course, Hazelwood Estates offers luxury living in an idyllic setting. Amenities include a local trail system connecting to the Town’s larger, community-wide trails, and a local park and playground. The area is being developed by Malibu Communities, and the Town has a limited number of lots available for sale in the area.

Additional Information: 

   Hazelwood Estates Architectural Guidelines (PDF) 

   Hazelwood Estates Phase 4 Marketing Map (PDF)

Coming Soon in 2018!

Bella Vista

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Woodlands Heights

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