Operational Services 


 41 Street & 49a Avenue Infrastructure Improvements


The Town’s 2018 Capital Budget provided for the construction of much-needed infrastructure improvements along 41 Street and 49A Avenue. Accordingly, upgrades to water, wastewater and storm sewer lines will take place in the summer of 2018. The following is a summary of the proposed course of construction:

a. 41 Street from 50 Avenue to 49A Avenue
b. 49A Avenue from 41 Street to 40 Street
c. 49A Avenue from 41 Street to 42 Street
d. 41 Street from 49A Avenue to 49 Avenue
e. 41 Street from 49 Avenue to 48 Avenue

Temporary water service will be provided to all affected residences throughout the course of the project.



Sewage Lagoon Reclamation


In a move made mandatory by the provincial government, the Town of Innisfail in 2015 tied into the South Red Deer Regional Wastewater System. As a result, the Town’s sewage lagoons were no longer needed. 

Decommissioning began in 2016 with the demolition of the existing wastewater treatment plant (Phase 1) and some initial lagoon cell reclamation (Phase 2). As part of the initial lagoon cell reclamation, over half of the existing lagoons sludge material was hauled to a communal location on the west end of the site. In 2018, the next proposed phase of the lagoon reclamation will see the removal and disposal of the existing sludge material to an offsite location in compliance with Alberta Environment Regulations.

The project is seen as a critical investment for future economic development in the Town of Innisfail. 

Sanitary Dump Station


A new RV Sanitary Dumping Facility was constructed to replace two existing stations in the Town of Innisfail. The new facility is situated at the corner of 54 Street and 52 Avenue.

Four concrete islands/bays were installed. Each is equipped with a pay station and water outlet.

Highway 54 Berm


As traffic levels on Highway 54 on the west side increase, so too will concerns about traffic-related noise from nearby residents. In 2015, funds were allocated for the design of a berm that would be capable of providing a buffer from this noise.

The berm is being constructed along Highway 54 between 42 Street and Napoleon Lake.

54 Street & 50 Avenue Intersection


Previously, 56 Street in Innisfail was blocked off at the intersection of 50 Avenue and 49A Avenue. Eastbound traffic on 56 Street was diverted south onto 50 Avenue toward 54 Street.

To make it easier for traffic from the Hazelwood and Upland Aspen subdivisions and adjacent residential areas to travel from the west side to the east side of town, the intersection was reconfigured to allow free flow from 56 Street to 49A Avenue. As well, stop control was added at 50 Avenue southbound.