Town Utilities

The Town's utility services are operated at a break-even level and provide residents with easy access to a valuable resource.


Town Utility Rates 

Municipal Water

The Town of Innisfail receives drinking water from the Red Deer River, via the Mountain View Regional Water Commission water treatment plant. 

The Town has three pump stations, and three water storage reservoirs with a storage capacity of 2.5 million imperial gallons. The Utilities Department is responsible for the operation of the water storage and distribution system within the town. It includes:

  • Reservoir operations and maintenance – involves routine operation of various pumps and water levels at the Town’s reservoirs, daily reporting to Alberta Environment, and keeping the reservoirs in good working condition.
  • Water main flushing and repair – involves annual flushing out of all water mains and fixing breaks when they occur.
  • Hydrant maintenance and repair – involves checking all hydrants to ensure they are working and available for fire suppression.
  • Water meter reading, installation and repairs – involves monthly remote reading of water meters, request for installing or changing our water meters and repairing meters when needed.
  • The town has recently entered into a contract with Master Meter to replace all of the meter registers (smart end of the meter) which should be kicking off in the next 6 weeks or so.

Water Rate: $2.30 per cubic metre of water consumed

Flat Rate: $10.00 per month


Municipal Wastewater

In 2011, the Town of Innisfail began the process of connecting to the South Red Deer Regional Wastewater Line and in June 2015 became fully connected. 

As a result of connecting to the regional line, our wastewater treatment plant has since been decommissioned and torn down and the storage lagoons are in the process of being reclaimed as industrial land.

The town's sanitary sewer collection system consists of a series of 8" and 10" gravity lines, connected to 12" or larger trunk lines as well as 8 waste water lift stations. The Utilities Department is responsible for the operation of the wastewater sewer system. Key activities include:

  • Lift station operations and maintenance – Involves checking pumps, valves, floats and actuators at all lift stations and ensuring they are functioning properly.
  • Waste water sewer main flushing – Involves using a high pressure flushing truck to clean out all waste water sewer mains on a regular basis in an attempt to reduce main blockages by keeping buildups to a minimum.
  • Flow monitoring – Involves routine measurement of the amount of sewage effluent in sample manholes throughout the year to determine the amount of flows into the sanitary sewer system.
  • Inflow and Infiltration study including a residential visitation program – Involves a “check-up” type visit to residences to assess the condition of their service connection and drainage.
  • Recreational Vehicle dumping station – In 2016 the town began construction on a new “pay station” rv dump which was completed in 2017 and opened prior to the May long weekend.

Sewer Rate: $3.15 per cubic metre of water consumed

Flat Rate: $10.00 per month


Garbage / Recycling

The Town offers contracted solid waste collection, as well as a Green Box household recycling program.

The Town of Innisfail contracts its solid waste collection services to Waste Management Services. Garbage and recycling is picked up weekly in the community, with household yard waste, hazardous waste and e-waste collected at various times throughout the year.

Residential Flat Rate: $18.00 per month

Residential Recycling: $5.00 per month

Click here for more information about community garbage, recycling and the Waste Transfer Station.


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