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eBilling Frequently Asked Questions


eBilling - FAQs


Do I have to choose the eBilling option?

Town residents will continue to receive a printed utility bill in the mail if they do not register for electronic billing. For those who do not choose the electronic option, there will be a $3 charge per month for each printed utility bill provided.


What if I don’t have a computer?

Electronic bills will be sent to a resident’s email address. If you have access to your email through your phone or mobile device, you will have access to your electronic bill. If you don’t have a computer or a mobile device, you will continue to receive printed utility bills and will be charged the $3 fee for each printed utility bill you receive.


When does eBilling start?

Electronic billing is already available; residents can sign up at any time. The fee for printed utility bills begins on September 1, 2019. Those who choose to continue to receive a printed bill will see the first $3 charge on their October bill once the September billing cycle is complete.


Why is the Town switching to electronic billing?

Many companies and organizations currently use electronic billing - some have done so for many years. By offering an electronic billing option, the Town of Innisfail is moving in line with current industry trends. The Town has also made a commitment to environmental responsibility; by reducing the amount of paper we use, we are helping to fulfill that commitment.


How was the amount of the fee determined?

The fee is meant to cover the ever-increasing costs of physical billing, including postage, printing, paper and envelopes. When all factors were considered, the amount was determined by weighing these added costs with the financial capabilities of our rate-payers.


What happens if I don’t receive my email bill?

It is the responsibility of the resident to monitor month-to-month billing. If a resident is not receiving their electronic bill through their email account, they should contact the Town office. We will work with residents to attempt to resolve any issues. Residents who are having issues that cannot be resolved by Town staff may have to contact their service provider to ensure emails from the Town are not being blocked or treated as “junk” email.


Are commercial properties affected by these changes?

Yes. All town utility customers are encouraged to switch to electronic billing. The fee will be applied to all printed utility bills.


I already pay a fee for an extra printed bill that I currently receive. How much more will I be charged?

The fee will apply to each printed utility bill. If you currently receive two printed copies of your bill and pay a fee for your extra printed copy, you will now be charged a fee for each of the printed copies you receive.



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The Town of Innisfail offers payment with select credit cards through the OptionPay System. Payments can be made for:

  • Permits
  • Tax Payments
  • Utilities
  • Bylaw Tickets/ Fines*
  • Other Receivable Invoices

    Please note: the OptionPay System is for those wishing to pay using a credit card (for applicable fees). Other payment options are still available.


    *This system is NOT for Photo Enforcement or Provincial tickets.


    Fee Schedule


    Please be advised that fees may apply to payments made by credit card.


    Click Here to see applicable fees



    Finding Your Account Number



    Permits and Certificates: please add your document title in the "Description" field on the online payment form.




    Town of Innisfail Utility Invoice Sample LINK     Utility Invoice - look for your Account Number



    Town of Innisfail Property Tax Sample LINK     Property Assessment and Tax Notice - look for the Roll Number



    Town of Innisfail Accounts Receivable Sample LINK1     Accounts Receivable - look for the Invoice Number



    Town of Innisfail Bylaw Ticket Sample    Bylaw Tickets/Fines* - look for the Ticket Number

    *This system is NOT for Photo Enforcement or Provincial tickets.