Toilet Replacement Rebate Program

The Town of Innisfail offers a Toilet Replacement Rebate Program to encourage residents to switch out – up to four – of their old 13 litre or more flow toilets with new low flow 6 litre or dual flush toilets.


Benefits of using low flow or dual flush toilets:

  • Low flow toilets use 6 litres or less per flush and dual flush toilets use as little as 3 litres per flush. Older high flow toilets use 13 litres or more.
  • A family of four with low flow or dual flush toilets will may see a decrease in their annual water & sewer utility bill.
  • Switching to low flow or dual flush toilets is better for the environment.

How to apply for the rebate

Innisfail residents who bring their stamped receipt to the Town Office, will receive a $50 credit towards their utility bill. Stamps will be issued at the Waste Transfer Station when the old toilet is brought in. If you did not receive a stamp, please contact the Town Office to ensure that you can still receive the rebate. 

Toilet Replacement Rebate Information (PDF)Toilet Replacement Rebate Application (PDF)