MGA Review

The provincial government is updating the Municipal Government Act (MGA) — the legislation under which all municipalities in Alberta are governed.


What is the Municipal Government Act?

The Municipal Government Act is provincial legislation that guides how municipalities in Alberta operate. It focuses on three major themes: (1) Planning and Development; (2) Governance and Administration; and (3) Assessment and Taxation.

“The MGA touches the daily lives of all Albertans, no matter which type of municipality they reside in. This legislation helps to define how our municipalities function, develop land, raise funds for things like service, and more. In other words, it is the guide to how Alberta municipalities operate.” — Government of Alberta

What are the changes, and why are they being proposed?

The province feels that the MGA, like all laws, should be updated to meet current economic, social and governmental realities.

“As Alberta and its municipalities continue to grow, we need to continue building strong communities for the future. This is our opportunity to update the MGA so that it can continue to help build strong, prosperous and sustainable communities throughout Alberta." — Government of Alberta

A number of changes are being proposed in response to the following questions:

Click on the questions above to learn about their respective proposed changes. For further information, visit the province’s What’s Changing page on the MGA Review website.

How will the changes affect Innisfail? And me personally?

Innisfail, like every Alberta municipality, will be required to follow the changes once implemented. This will affect many aspects of the Town’s operation — from the way it engages its citizens to its collaboration on initiatives with nearby municipalities.

For example, a proposed regulation pertaining to public participation would see municipalities commit to increased civic engagement opportunities. In addition, new off-site levy guidelines would allow for the allocation of funding toward a variety of community facilities.

Further anticipated impacts are outlined in a provincial news release linked here.

What is the current status?

The province in early February released the first group of draft regulations pertaining to the proposed changes. They’re available for viewing on the Regulations Review page on the MGA Review website. Albertans are being asked to provide feedback on these regulations prior to March 31. Further draft regulations are expected to be released shortly thereafter.

Ultimately, all proposed changes to the MGA will be finalized prior to the municipal election in October.