The Town’s priorities for clearing snow are shown on the attached map: Click here.

Snow Removal Priority

Priority 1 routes (marked as red) are the major roads linking to highways and key facilities such as the hospital and fire department.  It includes:

East-West Roads
  • 50 Street between Highway 2A and 54 Street
  • Lakewood Drive
  • 42 Street
  • 40 Street between 52 Avenue and 49 Avenue
  • 49 Street between 53 Street and 49 Avenue
North-South Roads
  • 53 Street between 47 Street and 50 Street
  • 52 Avenue between 47 Street and 40 Street
  • 51 Avenue between 50 Street and 40 Street
  • 50 Avenue between 50 Street and 40 Street
  • 49 Avenue between 50 Street and 40 Street
  • 45 Avenue between 50 Street and 49 Street
  • Highway 2A/42 Avenue between51 Street and Highway 54

Priority 2 routes (marked as yellow) are the main roads or collector roads into the neighbourhoods. It includes:


East-West Roads
  • 59 Street/53 Avenue west of 56 Street
  • 56 Street between Lakewood Drive and 50 Avenue
  • 54 Street/Resource Road between Lakewood Drive and 44 Avenue
  • 51 Street between 44 Avenue and Highway 2A
  • 50 Street Service Roads between 44 Avenue and 43 Avenue
  • 50 Street between Lakewood Drive and 60 Avenue
  • 49 Street/43 Avenue/49A Street between 45 Avenue and Highway 2A/42 Avenue
  • 48 Street between 53 Street and 51 Avenue
  • 47 Street between 53 Street and 51 Avenue
  • 46 Street between 49 Avenue and 45 Avenue
North-South Roads
  • 50 Avenue/C&E Trail north of 54 Street
  • 44 Avenue north of 50 Street
  • 49 Avenue between 50 Street and 53 Street
  • 48A Avenue/Veterans’ Way
  • 50 Avenue between 50 Street and 53 Street
  • 52 Street between 50 Avenue and 49 Avenue
  • 60 Avenue between 50 Avenue and 42 Avenue
  • 55 Avenue Crescent between 42 Street and 60 Avenue
  • 54 Avenue between 52 Avenue and 45 Street Close
  • 54 Avenue between 42 Street and 38 Street
  • 52 Avenue between 40 Street and Highway 2A/42 Avenue
  • 49 Avenue between 40 Street and Highway 2A/42 Avenue
  • 42 Avenue south of Highway 54


Priority 3 roads are all remaining local roads. Lanes and alleys are assigned as Priority 4 (not shown on map) and are cleared after all other priority routes have been cleared. Special conditions such as when a storm hits may change priority.

Snow removal takes place in two large phases. The first phase is to open travel lanes to allow vehicles to move about the town. This goes in the order of the priorities shown on the map. The second phase involves removal of windrows and loading out piles of snow. Windrows across driveways will be cleared as quickly as possible.

Our Public Works staff work hard to ensure that roadways are kept accessible to all residents throughout the winter season.

How you can help:

  • During periods of heavy snowfall or other extreme weather conditions, please have patience as crews work to get to your area as quickly as possible.
  • Please stay back and give road clearing equipment space to work.
  • Please give oncoming road clearing equipment the right of way.
  • If you live on a Priority 1 or a Priority 2 route, please move your vehicles off the street when heavy snow is forecast or falling so snow removal equipment can move through as quick as possible.
  • Watch for advance notice signs which may be put out prior to snow removal on your street and move vehicles out of the way. (Please note that vehicles in the way of snow removal operations where advance notice signs have been set out will be towed)

Public Works is committed to providing cost-effective, efficient snow removal and ice control. Your cooperation and patience regarding snow removal is encouraged and much appreciated by the Town and your fellow citizens.


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