Exciting upgrades are coming to the Napoleon Lake Trail System

The Rotary Club of Innisfail and the Town of Innisfail have teamed up to make the trail system around the west side of Napoleon Lake even better.

At its April 13 meeting, Innisfail Council adopted the Napoleon Lake Trail Upgrade concept plan as a guide for trail and park improvements along the lake’s west side.

The Town and the Rotary Club have spent the past several months working on the final concept for the upgrades that included the development of concept drawings, a preliminary project budget estimated at $92,000 and the collection of public input on these concepts.

The improvements to the trail system include:


  • Construction of two wooden viewing platforms and boardwalks leading to the platforms at the lake’s southwest and northwest corners
  • Some widening of the area mowed as part of the trail
  • Filling in of soft spots with gravel and in some places using gravel to hold a small culvert in place to prevent trail washout
  • Installation of new benches and trash bins
  • Connections to existing asphalt trails at the southwest viewing platform
  • Placement of interpretive signs along the trail and at viewing platforms

The improvements are expected to take place over the next couple of years with a flexible construction schedule that allows for fundraising and time for Rotary Club volunteers to build the viewing platforms and boardwalks.

Contractors will install foundations for the platforms and lay down gravel portions of pathway and asphalt trail while Town staff may assist with the installation of benches and trash bins.

The Town’s 2015 capital budget includes $20,000 for the costs of the trail upgrades.

Check out Concept Boards for the trail upgrades here:

Napoleon Lake Trail Upgrades 1

Napoleon Lake Trail Upgrades 2

Napoleon Lake Trail Upgrades 3

You can download the Request for Decision regarding the Upgrades plan here:

Napoleon Lake Trail Upgrades Concept Plan Request for Decision

For more information about the approved Napoleon Lake Trail Upgrade concept plan, please contact the Town at 403-227-3376.



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