It has been a long road, but the Town Office Phase 1 upgrades are reaching completion by mid-July with Phase 2 – the renovation of the existing building – to commence shortly after. While this means a bit of shuffling around and displacement for staff in the interim, it will address the overcrowding issues of the office environment, as well as allow for future growth into 2030.

Once fully complete, the community can expect a more welcoming and inviting space. A space that will allow the Town to be more mindful of residents’ privacy and an avenue to more effectively address the community’s needs and communications.

The Town Administration building is over 35 years old and many of the systems and inner workings – like the mechanical and electrical systems – have become outdated. The population of Innisfail has grown much over the years, which increased the need to fill more positions necessary to service the community. As a result of overcrowding, an aging building, and changes to building codes and specifications, it was inevitable that changes would need to be done eventually and soon – not just as a matter of comfort and esthetics, but for safety of staff and the community.

Rather than constructing a whole new building, which could well exceed $20M, it was decided that the most cost-effective solution was to utilize the existing fire hall building that was already owned by the Town. By expanding into this building and renovating the older portion to bring it up-to-date, the cost saving were exponential. The construction/renovation portion of the project was awarded for an amount of $2,364,684, while design, tender and contract administration was awarded prior for an amount of $121,000.






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