Over the next few months, the Town of Innisfail will begin upgrading water meter reading systems at every residence and business in town. New meter registers will be installed to increase efficiency, convenience and effectiveness in the collection of water usage data.

The initiative arrives after Master Meter Canada, the Town’s current water meter supplier, acknowleged a battery-related fault was causing some of the Town’s meter registers to expire about halfway into their expected lifespan.

In addition to the replacement registers being offered under warranty at no cost, the Town will make use of the opportunity to upgrade to a more modern, user-friendly system town-wide.

“Since the original meters were installed, there have been significant technological advances in the water meter industry, and subsequently, to the products available on the market,” said Frank Colosimo, the Town’s Director of Operational Services. “The new system will bring the Town best practices to manage the water utility. Unusual and unexpected flow, tampering, errors, low battery — all will be easily and more quickly identified via the new system.”

The new registers will operate on a fully automated system: Where staff must physically drive past properties to collect data, a remote download will now do the same. Instead of the data being collected once a month, it will be uploaded to the system twice a day.

For the first time, residents will be able to monitor their water usage via a mobile app, allowing them to view and manage their consumption, almost in real time.

“The customer engagement features, which include a mobile monitoring and alert system, will be great for snowbirds, vacationers, landlords and anyone else needing to know about any water activity taking place in their absence,” said Colosimo. “Citizens will have the ability to be notified of potential leaks, thefts or anomalies. They’ll also be able to monitor their water bill, keeping an eye on their consumption and adjusting their usage accordingly. We’re putting the control back in their hands.”

The installation of the new meter registers will begin late fall 2017 and conclude spring 2018.

For frequently asked questions and other information, visit www.innisfail.ca/water.


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