Here's a look at highlights from the Nov. 14, 2017 Regular Meeting of Council:

Fire Department Remuneration Policy 

Council approved a new remuneration policy for the Innisfail Fire Department. The policy arrived in light of recent discussions between Town administration and Fire Department executive, who had met to better understand current challenges and determine a plan forward based on transparency and mutual respect. Council was told that the new policy was supported by both administration and the Fire Department, and approved the policy unanimously. 

MGA Requirements 

Administration provided an overview of the actions required by municipalities in light of updates to the Municipal Government Act. A legislative checklist created by Alberta Municipal Affairs and included in council’s agenda package outlined information on the required actions and their respective deadlines. Council accepted it as information. 

SDAB Appointment 

Council appointed Joyce Boon to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board for a one-year term ending Oct. 22, 2018. 

Engagement Opportunity 

Administration advised council of an opportunity presented by the Innisfail Library to participate in a community engagement process similar to that of ‘speed-dating’. Throughout the course of the proposed event, members of the community would be given a chance to converse with a councillor/staff member for a brief, timed interval before moving on to the next. Council indicated its support, and agreed to participate. An event date was not set. 

Bylaw Review 

Administration advised council of an opportunity to amend the Town’s Traffic Bylaw and develop a Tree and Vegetation Bylaw. Currently, the Traffic Bylaw includes some reference to trees and vegetation; however, administration noted that these would be better addressed in a separate, specific bylaw. Council directed administration to continue with the review of the Traffic Bylaw, and to draft a Tree and Vegetation Bylaw for its consideration. 

Strategic Planning 

Council agreed to contract Strategic Steps Inc. for the provision of council visioning and strategic planning services. Council met with Ian McCormack of Strategic Steps during the Nov. 6 Agenda and Priorities Meeting. McCormack at that time provided an overview of the governance level strategic planning process. Council agreed to participate at a cost of up $9,500. 

Remediated Land 

Council directed administration to write a letter to the Minister of Municipal Affairs seeking the ability to sell land associated with the ongoing Wastewater System Improvement and Remediation Project. An existing clause stipulates that the Town must retain title and ownership of the remediated land for five years following project completion. The request was to instead have the ability to sell, lease or otherwise dispose of the remediated land as it becomes available. Terms are outlined within the New Building Canada Fund/Small Communities Fund Conditional Grant Agreement through which the $9 million project is being funded. 

FCM Conference 

Council agreed to have two councillors and the CAO attend the 2018 FCM (Federation of Canadian Municipalities) Conference in Halifax from May 31 to June 3. Council agreed to determine whether future FCM conferences should be attended after that time. 

Subdivision Time Extensions 

Council granted extensions of time for two conditional subdivision approvals. Conditional subdivision approvals are valid for a year from the date of decision or the date of an appeal decision, if applicable. This one-year timeframe often provides sufficient time for the applicant to fulfill the conditions of approval; however, some situations require more time. In such situations, applicants must seek an extension. 

Subdivision Application 

Council approved a subdivision application proposing the creation of a parcel for an existing dwelling and accessory buildings and a remainder parcel west of Highway 54 in the southwest of town. Both parcels will remain designated as Reserved for Future Development (RD). The application was approved subject to a number of conditions being met. 

Franchise Fees 

Council approved 2018 Fortis and ATCO Gas franchise fee rates at 9% and 23%, respectively. Both rates remained unchanged from 2017.



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