Here's a look at highlights from the Nov. 28, 2017 Regular Meeting of Council:



Marc Seabrook with the West Gate Industrial Association – a coalition of around 20 business owners operating in the industrial area – presented concerns regarding the Landscaping Bylaw and street lighting. Joyce Boon and Al Ladd with Aspen Ridge Condos presented concerns with how the utilities of their complex are billed. Ryan Dodd with the Innisfail Eagles  spoke to council regarding the upcoming renewal of their lease agreement for the use on dressing room and storage room at the arena. The Town was thanked for assisting with the opportunity to develop the dressing room/club house space.

December Council Meeting Cancellation

Council approved the canceling of the regularly scheduled Council meeting of December 27, 2017.

Community Services

Council approved renewal of the lease agreement between the Town and the Seniors Drop-In Centre Society.

Council approved a budget adjustment in the amount of $11,198 + GST to complete additional building repairs as part of the pool siding project to be funded from the Aquatic Centre reserves.

Innisfail Eagles

Council approved the renewal of the club’s lease for $300/month for a three year period from Dec. 1, 2017 to Nov. 30, 2020.

Bylaw Amendment & Reviews

Councilor Carritt requested that LUB Landscaping Provisions (Bylaw 1470-A48) be amended. Administration was directed to provide council with a summary of the process leading to the current LUB being approved.

Council approves a review of unsightly property enforcement section of bylaws 1475 The Nuisance Bylaw, 1498 the Community Standards Bylaw, and the Land Use Bylaw.

Water and Wastewater

Council approved the review of water and wastewater charges provisions set out in the Utilities Bylaw 1590-2016.


Council approved that meetings of council will no longer require a seconder to motions in the meetings.

Town Lighting

Council requested that administration work with FortisAlberta Inc. to develop a street lighting map showing the LED replacement progress and areas where additional lighting is recommended.


Council approved inviting the Minister of Alberta Culture and Tourism to speak to Council regarding tourism grants and opportunities the Town could potentially undertake.



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