Neighbours Helping Neighbours

One person, one action, one moment can make a difference.

Why is it so important to be neighbourly? There are some great benefits to being a good neighbour. When you know and help your neighbours: your physical, emotional and mental wellness are improved; personal safety and the neighbourhood security are heightened; money and time can be saved; you can connect and make a big impact on someone life.

Snow Angels

Snow Angels help remove snow from the driveways and walkways of those who cannot, and provide an extremely valuable service to the community.

Strong Hands

Strong Hands assist other members in the community with preparing for the Annual Large Item pickup, or just general help with moving heavy items.

Garden Angels

Throughout the summer months many residents have trouble keeping up with basic lawn care including weeds, mowing, or gardening. 


Do you need a hand? For more information please contact the Town's Community & Social Development Coordinator, at 403-227-3376.

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