Survey: 55+ Newsletter

Implemented in 2017, the Town Voice 55+ Edition newsletter is received via town utility bills every month with content that is relevant to our more seasoned residents, and we want to hear from you. Every month answer a new question on topics that matter to you! 



Your voice heard. Results of your feedback.

Thank you to all who participate in answering our question every month. The following is a summary of your feedback. 

October 2017

The following results are based on 12 respondents: 

As a final question, we asked what sort of content you would like to see. Most of the respondents like the newsletter as prepared. However, additional ideas for content were provided such as:  lists of winners in town competitions and comments from Mayor & Councillors on town activities.


November 2017

The following results are based on 23 respondents: 

We also asked, if you don't attend any activities in the community what is stopping you? Some of the comments we received was: taxi was too expensive and don't drive. 

December 2017


The following results are based on 13 respondents: 



January 2018

What programs and/or activities would you like to see available - for older adults - in the community?

No responses were provided to this question.

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