Town of Innisfail Organics Date Change WEB Fall 2019


In alignment with the Town's strategic priority of diverting waste from the landfill and citizens' needs and priorities as determined through public consultation, the Town in June 2019 is introducing changes to the collection of solid waste and organics in Innisfail.


Glass Recycling Update: The Town has found a company to collect our waste glass material, although glass will still not be accepted as part of weekly household recycling pickup. Starting in June, a large bin will be in place at the Town’s waste transfer station, providing residents an opportunity to recycle their glass.



Transfer Station Fee Update: In order to encourage more recycling and reduce waste sent to the landfill, there will no longer be a charge to drop off residential recycling or residential organics at the Transfer Station. Innisfail residents are no longer required to pay a fee to drop off recycling; however, there is still a fee for commercial recycling.


Solid Waste Map Innisfail



We've developed a four-page guide to give you all the information you'll need to know before the changes come into effect. Keep an eye on your mailbox where a print copy will be delivered, or view the digital edition here.

 Solid Waste 2019 4 page WEB Revised Page 2

Solid Waste 2019 4 page WEB Revised Page 3

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