Automated Garbage Collection

Automated collection services use a single, one-person vehicle with a mechanical arm to empty town-provided wheeled carts and return them to their curbside position.

 Automated garbage collection is being considered for the Town of Innisfail. On September 14, 2017 an open house was held at the Library Learning Centre to provide residents information about this form of waste collection, as well as an opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback through a survey - printed and online. The survey is now closed and the feedback is under review. Thank you to all who participated.


Your Questions Answered 

Why is this change being proposed?

Automated collection has shown to be very effective at reducing the amount of litter found in the streets, as well as makes the collection of garbage more efficient. The carts are easy to use and provides a uniform appearance throughout the community and it helps increase overall recycling.

Would each household get a cart for garbage, recyclables and yard waste?

Yes — each eligible household would receive three two-wheeled carts free of charge: one each for garbage, recycling and yard waste.

Would I be able to use another container?

Only carts compatible with the automated trucks would be permitted. Items left outside the carts would not be collected.

What can be place in the carts?

Nothing would change regarding what’s allowed for pickup. Handouts are available to show what may be picked up for garbage, recycling and yard waste.

Would my pickup location change?

Possibly — with automated pickup, all garbage would be picked up from the front street. Anyone who currently has back alley pickup would move to the front.

What about capacity? Would the cart be collected if the cover is open?

The carts are a fair size (65 and 95 gallon). Carts with open covers due to overflowing garbage would not be collected.

Could bags or boxes be placed beside or on top of the cart for collection?

No — all garbage would need to be placed inside the cart. Anything outside of it would not be collected.

Would I still need to bag my garbage?

Yes — garbage would need to be bagged before it was placed in the cart. Bagging helps keep the cart clean, eliminates blown litter and reduces odour.

When would I put the cart out for pick up?

Your cart would need to be at the curb by 7:00 a.m. on your garbage day. After your cart is emptied, it would need to be removed from the curb that same day.

Where would I place my cart for pick up?

Carts would need to be placed at least one meter (3.3 feet) from obstacles such as utility poles, mailboxes, trees and parked cars, and within two feet of the curb edge. The container handle would need to face away from the street toward your home.

Why do the handles on the carts need to be facing my house?

The automated collection truck cannot turn the container around when picking it up. Dumping the container ‘backwards’ can break or damage the lid.

Where and how would I store my carts?

Your carts would need to be stored in your backyard, garage or any other convenient or safe location. They would need to be kept away from furnaces, grills and other sources of heat.

How would I move the carts around?

Make sure the lid is closed, grab the handle with both hands, place one foot against the base of the cart on the axle, and carefully tilt the cart toward you. Push or pull the cart to roll it. Do not drag the cart as it may result in damage. Do not tilt or roll the cart with the lid open. On hills, push the cart when going downhill, and pull the cart when going uphill. The cart should always be on the downhill side of you. Use caution when moving your cart on ice or snow.

If the cart blows over would the garbage still be picked up?

The carts are designed to withstand strong winds (95 km/hr) when placed on flat level surfaces. Residents would be responsible for the proper use of the cart and ensuring the carts were placed correctly for curbside collection. This includes bagging garbage and cleaning up any debris resulting from exceptionally strong winds or other forces.

Would the cart be emptied completely?

The cart dumping process lifts the cart upside down and stops with a slight jolt so waste in the cart will fall out — unless it is wedged, forced or compacted in the cart. Waste must not be packed too tightly in the cart.

Could large families get additional carts?

No additional carts would be provided. Are you recycling? Recycling more materials in these much larger recycling carts would reduce your garbage costs.

What would I do with my old recycling containers?

Old containers could be used inside the home and emptied into the new cart. The old bins could also be re-purposed for another use such as storage. If you did not wish to keep your old container, it may be taken to the Waste Transfer Station.

How would I identify my carts?

Your carts would be assigned to your address using a serial number imprinted on the cart. We’d encourage you to record these numbers to help identify your carts in the case of a windstorm or if they’re stolen or misplaced.

What would I do if I rent my house?

Carts would be issued to the residence and it would be the responsibility of the property owner to ensure carts were maintained in a clean and safe manner.

What if I sell my home? Would I take the carts with me?

No — carts would remain at the location to which they were delivered. Each cart would be scanned and linked to the address to which it was delivered.

What if the cart gets damaged or stolen?

The carts would be the property of the Town of Innisfail, and each one would be assigned an address and a serial number. All reports of damage or theft would be investigated and should be reported. If a collection truck caused the damage, we would replace the cart at no charge to you. If the damage were from any other cause, the resident would be responsible for the cost of replacement. Wheels, lids and axles would typically be replaced at no cost to the resident.

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