Trail Master Plan


The Town of Innisfail is developing a Trail Master Plan to help identify and determine necessary future additions, enhancements and upgrades to the existing trail network in Innisfail.

Pedestrian connectivity and trails are a vital part of supporting an active population and is a key community feature for residents and visitors alike. The Town has developed a Trail & Pedestrian Master Plan which evaluates sidewalks, recreational trails and related amenities, and identifies gaps in the network for future capital projects consideration. A draft of the 2018 Plan was presented to council at the Nov. 19 Agenda & Priorities meeting and is expected to be adopted in the New Year at the Jan. 7 meeting of council.

We invite you to review the Draft 2018 Trail & Pedestrian Master Plan and are interested in your thoughts and comments. Provide us with your feedback by filling out the form below.



2018 Trail & Pedestrian Master Plan Community Feedback

Tell us what you think about the future planning of the trail network in the community.



A survey inviting input/feedback on the trail network in the community was conducted between June 6 and September 6, 2018. A total of 162 responses were collected during the survey period.

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