Water Meter Upgrade Project

The Town of Innisfail is upgrading water meter reading systems at every residence and business in town starting May 2018. 

These modernized systems will offer the ability to collect data in a much more efficient and detailed manner, ensuring reliable billing practices and giving you peace of mind.

The meter registers being installed offer far more technological and operational advantages over what’s currently in place. They’ll operate on a fixed network system, which will allow readings to be collected through a remote download twice a day. To put that into perspective, readings are currently collected once a month — and only by driving past every property in town.The meter registers being installed offer far more technological and operational advantages over what’s currently in place. 

We're also putting the control back in your hands! Through a mobile app, the new system will allow you to monitor and manage your own water consumption. Seeing activity on a meter that’s supposed to be dormant? Now you can look into it immediately – pinpoint sources of leaks and unwanted flow, and ultimately save on your utility bill. Create your own water conservation strategy and see the results in action! 

On April 10, 2018, a Town mailing went out to all residents and business advising the start of the water meter register upgrade project which included appointment booking instructions. Continue reading to learn more.

Check out the following video to learn more about this technology and its benefits.

Master Meter Products Canada Inc., a professional water meter service company, is working on behalf of the Town to complete this project.

This register upgrade is mandatory for all homeowners and businesses, and requires access to the existing water meter. Master Meter Canada will be calling residents to set up a time for the installation of the new water meter registers. However, we encourage you to call ahead and book an appointment that is most convenient for you.

Provided you are properly prepared, a typical upgrade should take no longer than 20 minutes and, under normal conditions, water is not required to be shut off. By keeping the area surrounding your meter and shut-off valve nice and clear, the easier it will be for staff to access and efficiently install the new meter register.

(403) 341-1685
Provide your Name, Address, Phone Number & a Date/Time

Appointment times can be scheduled as follows to facilitate completion of the project and provide maximum flexibility to residents: 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday to Friday and 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Saturday. An individual – over the age of 18 years – must be present at all appointments.

If you have any questions regarding the new registers or the installation process, call (403) 341-1685 or email Frank Roth at [email protected].

Water Meter Project FAQ 

When are the upgrades happening?

The installation of the new water meter registers is scheduled to start at the beginning of May 2018 and continue through the summer.


What do I need to do & how long will the installation take?

Master Meter Canada will contact you to set up a day and time to have your new meter register installed. However, we encourage you to call ahead and book an appointment that is most convenient for you by calling (403) 341-1685

Provided you are properly prepared, a typical upgrade should take no longer than 20 minutes and – under normal conditions – water is not required to be shut off. We simply ask that you keep the area surrounding your water meter nice and clear. The easier it is for staff to access, the quicker the new meter register can be installed.


How can I verify the identity of the Installer?

The Installers from Master Meter Canada will be wearing identification badges when they arrive at your home or business at the scheduled time. Their vehicles will also have decals for both Master Meter and the Town of Innisfail. If you have any doubt about the validity of the ID being presented, please call the Town Office at 403-227-3376.


Is this upgrade mandatory?

In accordance with the Town’s Utilities Bylaw, every property in town must have a valid, functioning water meter. Even if your meter is still functioning as it should, the upgrade is required to ensure the continuous, uninterrupted collection of data.


Why is this upgrade happening now?

With some meter registers in town having exhausted their lifespan unexpectedly early, now is the most sensible time to implement a town-wide upgrade. While it’ll take several months to install new meter registers at every residence and business in town, the technology will ensure the system stays current and effective for up to 20 years.


Didn't the Town just install new meters a few years ago?

Recently, our manufacturer (Master Meter Canada) advised us of a battery-related fault that was causing some meter registers to expire about halfway into their expected lifespan. While the manufacturer offered to replace them, we felt it would be best to use the opportunity to upgrade to a more modern, efficient and environmentally friendly technology that would aid in our town-wide water conservation efforts.


Have previous meter readings been wrong?

In a word — NO! Any meter registers that have failed have had a shorter-than-expected battery life. This impacts a meter’s ability to display and transmit data — not its measuring capabilities. If your meter goes blank as a result of a dead battery, your current water consumption will be estimated based on your previous water consumption.


Will these upgrades cause my water bills to go up?

NO — the capital cost of the project is being funded from reserves. 


Isn't Radio Frequency (RF) Energy that is associated with wireless (smart) meters bad for our health?

Here’s what Health Canada has to say on the matter:

“Unlike cellular phones, where the transmitter is held close to the head and much of the RF energy that is absorbed is localized to one specific area, RF energy from smart meters is typically transmitted at a much greater distance from the human body. This results in very low RF exposure levels across the entire body, much like exposure to AM or FM radio broadcast signals. Since RF energy exposure levels are far below Canadian and international safety limits, Health Canada does not consider that any precautionary measures are needed to reduce RF energy exposure from smart meters.” 

Rest assured, all installations will be carried out in a compliant manner.