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Feast of the Vikings

For 80 – 90 individuals who have made reservations beforehand [it’s always sold out], this is memorable experience. Held in the Saga Café on the Saturday evening of the Viking Days weekend, participants take pleasure in an authentic Danish meal – roast pork with crackling, red cabbage, new potatoes fried in buttery sugar, roast potatoes and vegetables with brown sauce. Then there’s the dessert – with choices from traditional Danish recipes. You can also try some mead [a favorite of ancient Vikings] which is a type of wine made from honey. Participants tour the Viking village, experience some Viking history, and see them demonstrate a battle re-enactment. If you ask them nicely, a Viking might even join your table for dinner.

Tickets must be purchased in advance for this event. To purchase your ticket today, contact us at the Museum – 403.728.0019 or [email protected]

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Date: August 20, 2016 @ 12:00 am
Location Danish Canadian National Museum