• Symptoms appear in late summer. 
  • Browning or reddening begins at the margins of the leaves and then progresses inward. 
  • The leaf stem and veins may remain green for some time.
  • Leaves on an entire branch may be infected and can remain on the tree throughout the winter and are noticeable. 
  • Tree death can occur in 3-5 years. 

diseased tree

Controlling the disease

There is no chemical control for this fungus only early detection and treatment to reduce spread and save the tree. Remove diseased leaves and infected branches 10-12 inches from the infected area into healthy wood, place in a sealed bag and take to a landfill. Sealed bags prevent spores from being released and spreading infection.  Trees that are completely infected should be removed and burned to avoid spreading infection. Keep trees healthy by providing adequate moisture and nutrients. Do not place infected plant material in the yard waste pickup, composter or use as mulch or firewood.