Utility Services


Municipal Water

The Town of Innisfail receives our drinking water from the Red Deer River, via the Mountain View Regional Water Commission water treatment plant and regional distribution line.

The Town has three pump stations, and three water storage reservoirs with a storage capacity of 2.5 million imperial gallons.

The Utilities Department is responsible for the operation of the water storage and distribution system within the town. It includes:

  • Reservoir operations and maintenance – involves routine operation of various pumps and water levels at the Town’s reservoirs, daily reporting to Alberta Environment, and keeping the reservoirs in good working condition.
  • Water main flushing and repair – involves annual flushing out of all water mains and fixing breaks when they occur.
  • Hydrant maintenance and repair – involves checking all hydrants to ensure they are working and available for fire suppression.
  • Water meter reading, installation and repairs – involves monthly remote reading of water meters, request for installing or changing our water meters and repairing meters when needed. 
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Municipal Sanitary Sewer

The Town of Innisfail's sanitary sewer collection system consists of a series of 8" and 10" gravity lines, connected to 12" or larger trunk lines.

Several areas feed to a lift station which then pumps sewage into a gravity sanitary sewer main. In 2011, the Town began the process of connecting to the regional wastewater line. It is expected that the Town’s sewage treatment plant will cease operations once the town is fully connected to the regional wastewater line.

The Utilities Department is responsible for the operation sanitary sewer system. Key activities include:

  • Lift station operations and maintenance – involves checking pumps at lift stations and ensuring they are functioning properly.
  • Sanitary sewer main flushing – involves cleaning out all sanitary sewer mains on an annual basis
  • Sewage treatment plant operations – involves the daily operation of the sewage treatment plant and lagoons by checking pumps, grit separator, digester and biological treatment cells are working and regular sampling and reporting to Alberta Environment.
  • Flow monitoring – involves routine measurement of the amount of sewage effluent in sample manholes throughout the year to determine the amount of flows into the sanitary sewer system.
  • Residential visitation program – involves a “check-up” type visit to residences to assess the condition of their service connection and drainage

Private Utility Providers

Natural Gas

ATCO Gas Ltd
ph. 310-5678
view website

Direct Energy
ph. 1-866-420-3174
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Electricity Retailers

view website

Fortis Alberta Inc.
(Customer Service)
ph. 310-9473
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Telephone  & Internet

ph. 1-800-667-0123

ph. 1-866-210-4059

ph. 310-2255

ph. 1-800-975-6763


TV & Satellite

ph. 1-888-759-3474


ph. 1-866-210-4059

Shaw Direct
ph. 1-888-554-7827

ph. 310-6988

*Note: This industry changes rapidly. There may be other providers that service Innisfail. This list is not necessarily inclusive.


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