Interactive Town Map

The Town’s geographic information system (GIS) map offers users an interactive and insightful way to explore Innisfail.

As well as being an effective wayfinding tool, the map can be used to locate Town facilities, parks, schools and other amenities. It’s also got layers that display Town zoning as well as individual properties’ assessment values, making it a useful resource for assessors, developers, real estate agents and anyone else looking for Town information.

It can all be found with the click of a button, so start exploring today!


  • To navigate the map, simply utilize the pointer tools at the top of the page, and see the legend on the left-hand side to determine which aspects you’d like displayed.
  • Flashing orange squares in the top right-hand corner of the map indicate the page is loading. If you prompt an action but receive no response, simply wait for the squares to stop flashing.
  • The map cannot be broken! Feel free to click, zoom and rotate as you wish! All user input is lost as soon as the map is closed.

Click here to access the map!

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