Business Licenses

Business licenses are required in order to operate a business in Innisfail, and must be renewed annually. Yearly licenses are issued for the calendar year (Jan. 1 to Dec. 31). For more information on Town business licenses, please Click here to view the bylaw.


New & Renewals – Annual  Fees

Early application discount of $20 will be given for payment received by December 15, 2020.

A resident business is one in which the owner/operator lives in Innisfail, and/or the business establishment is in Innisfail.
Depending on the nature of the business license (i.e., subcontractors), anyone conducting business in the town will require a Town of Innisfail business license.
$100 (Resident)
$300 (Non-Resident)
A business license is required for all door-to-door salespeople.

Business License Application Download

Additional Information 

  • Go to Development Permits
    Any change to land or a building, either physical or in its use, is considered development. This includes change of use or intensity of use. Therefore, a Development Permit may be required if the startup of a business entails new construction or a change in use or intensity of use of present buildings. Contact the Town's Development Officer for more information.
  • Go to Building Permits
    If a new business requires a new building or additions to an existing building, a Development Permit and a Building Permit are required. 

Pet Licenses

The Town of Innisfail Bylaw #1537 states that the owner of every dog & cat in the Town must be registered annually. A tag will be issued and must be affixed to a collar worn by the animal at all times when the animal is not on the owner’s premises. Failure to comply with any of these bylaws could result in the seizure of the cat, and/or the issuance of a fine.



A dog licence can be purchased from the Town Office, under the following guidelines:

December & January - $20.00 for a spayed/neutered dog; $40.00 for a non-spayed/non-neutered dog
February – November - $30.00 for a spayed/neutered dog; $50.00 for a non-spayed, non-neutered dog

Download Dog License Application Form



Cats residing within the Town of Innisfail are required to be licensed, under the following guidelines:

December & January - $20.00 for a spayed/neutered cat; $40.00 for a non-spayed/non-neutered cat
February – November - $30.00 for a spayed/neutered cat, $50.00 for a non-spayed/non-neutered cat

Cat trapping will cease during the winter months, beginning October 1, due to unpredictable weather conditions. Cat trapping will resume in the May or June, depending on the weather.

Download Cat License Application Form


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