North Area Structure Plan Update



The Town of Innisfail is updating the North Area Structure Plan that was originally written in 2001. The plan will cover all of the lands in the north part of Innisfail with Highway 54 as its west boundary and the QE2 Highway as its east boundary. This area is shown in the air photo below and is all of the land within the red dashed line.


INN NASP PlanAreaMap

  This page will be updated as the project progresses. Please check back from time to time to see:

- updates on the project and where we are at in the process;

- materials to review and comment on; and

- notices about opportunities for your participation. 





Download the North Area Structure Plan photo here




What does the North Area Structure Plan do?

The North Area Structure Plan provides direction for future land use patterns and processes to subdivide and develop lands. It maps out areas for future residential neighbourhoods west of C&E Trail and areas for future industrial parks east of C&E Trail.


Topics addressed in the North Area Structure Plan include:

- types of uses and general land use patterns such as future residential, open space, recreation, commercial and industrial activity areas;

- major roadways and trail corridors;

- school sites, parks and open space areas;

- number of future housing units, population and density of residential development;

- concepts for the extension of municipal water, wastewater and storm water management systems;

- natural features that are to be preserved;

- expectations for the process to subdivide and/or develop lands; and

- general order or phasing of future subdivision and development of the area.


A copy of the current North Area Structure Plan can be downloaded here.


NASP flow graphicWhat is the Process to Update the North Area Structure Plan?

The four (4) broad stages in the process to update the North Area Structure Plan are:

Initial Input and Background Information Update  – this stage involves looking at changes that affect the plan area since 2001, such as changes in Provincial legislation, new Town plans, existing subdivision and development activity and status of the municipal infrastructure systems, and collecting ideas from landowners and the public about adjustments to the plan

When: March to April 2020


Updating of Concepts and Policies – this stage creates a revised land use concept and servicing concepts and provides the text and policies to support the concepts

When: May to August 2020


Public Review and Input – this stage involves sharing the revised land use concept and draft plan to landowners and the community and providing opportunities to comment on the proposed draft plan

When: August to September 2020


Adoption of Plan – this stage involves Council’s consideration of the updated plan and includes the further public review leading up to the public hearing about the plan

When: October to November 2020




What Stage is the Process at?

The North Area Structure Plan Update is in the Initial Input and Background Information Update stage of the process. This stage is expected to be complete by the end of April 2020.




How can I be involved?

There are several ways for you to participate in the North Area Structure Plan Update. The list of opportunities below will be updated as the project progresses. Please check back for updates.

Please take advantage of the following opportunities:

- Review materials on the Town website and submit comments (you can email or call);

- Attend our future open house to review a draft update of the plan (expected to take place in September 2020 - details will be posted as we get closer to the date);

- Attend the public hearing when the updated plan is submitted to Town Council.


We are interested in your thoughts and suggestions about the future of the North Area. You can share them with us by emailing them to [email protected] or calling 403-343-3394 (please ask for Craig).


Written comments can also be dropped off at the Town Office.


Comments received before or by April 6, 2020 are greatly appreciated!



More Information or Comments to Share?

For further information about the North Area Structure Plan Update or to share your thoughts and comments please contact:

Craig Teal, RPP MCIP

Parkland Community Planning Services (PCPS)

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 403-343-3394



Please feel free to include your comments below. All information will be used only for the purposes disclosed above and will not be shared to any other parties other than those directly involved in the development of the Town of Innisfail North Area Structure Plan Update.












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