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Public engagement helps the Town do a better job of serving its residents and community, and is key to open and transparent government. That’s why we’ve developed a Public Engagement Policy and Strategy. It provides a framework when we’re reaching out to share information and gather feedback and input. 


Urban Chickens

September to October 2018

The Town's Animal Control Bylaw currently prohibits the keeping of urban or 'backyard' chickens in Innisfail. The Town is now revisiting the bylaw to ensure it reflects both current realities and community values and priorities. A survey inviting input/feedback on Urban Chicken ownership was conducted between September 19 and October 17, 2018.

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Trail Master Plan

May to September 2018

The Town of Innisfail is developing a Trail Master Plan to help identify and determine necessary additions, enhancements and upgrades to the existing trail network in Innisfail. Citizens were invited to give feedback and show their vision for the trails system in the Innisfail community.

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Cannabis Legalization

April to May 2018

The federal government targeted Fall 2018 as an effective date for the legalization of non-medical (recreational) cannabis in Canada. The Town has taken steps to ensure its own bylaws, policies and procedures are conducive to the legislation being passed down and integrated at the municipal level. Citizens were engaged to provide their input on the coming legalization, the impacts, and how it should affect the current bylaws.

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