Visioning Innisfail

A review of the past, a look at the present and a step toward the future.

Innisfail Town Council has begun to shape its vision for the next four years and beyond, adopting a newly created Strategic Plan. 

The Strategic Plan was created following a day-and-a-half workshop facilitated by Strategic Steps, an Edmonton-based consultant specializing in municipal governance planning. Council took under consideration the Town’s current strategic priorities, as well as what they heard during the 2017 election engagement process, to achieve the new 2018-2021 Strategic Plan. The draft was approved by Council in January 2018 and fully adopted in March 2018. The sessions’ key accomplishment arrived with the creation of a vision, mission statement and a set of values that will guide Council, Town staff and the community forward to a more prosperous future. 

Our Vision

An active and vibrant community that is a great place to live and create a future.

Our Mission

Innovation with imagination will guide Innisfail to a progressive and exciting tomorrow, instilling pride and spirit in our citizen-centred, sustainable community.

Our Values

Spirit. Prosperity. Respect. Trust. Credibility. Participation.

“Over the course of the two days, we collectively devised an ambitious, yet achievable, strategic plan that will lead the Town forward toward an exciting and prosperous future. Further, our new vision and mission will permeate all that we do throughout the organization, and guide us in our efforts to become a more thriving, robust community.” — Mayor Jim Romane. “

Officially adopted by Council in March 2018, the bulk of this plan comprises the expressed desire of the town’s elected officials and provides citizens, community groups, business, administration and other stakeholders with an indication of the planned future of the town. Because we have set out a lot of work for ourselves, we identified a smaller set of high priority strategies that we will keep track of so that we know we are trending towards success.

We invite you to review this strategic plan and are interested in your thoughts and comments. Provide us with your feedback by filling out the form below, fill out the comment form at the Town Office, or give us a call at 403-227-3376.


Strategic Plan 2018 - 2021 Community Feedback

Town Council has begun to shape its vision for the next four years and beyond, and we want to hear from you!

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