The following are highlights from the October 13, 2020 Regular Meeting of Council.


Urban Backyard Hens - Report

At the August 10, 2020 Regular Meeting of Council, Administration was directed to conduct research and present findings on Alberta municipalities that allow residents to own and raise backyard hens. At Tuesday’s meeting, Administration presented the report, which Council accepted as information. Council then instructed Administration to prepare a report detailing the process for including a question about an urban hen pilot project on the ballot in the upcoming 2021 municipal elections.


Snow and Ice Control Policy 2020-006

Council approved the proposed Snow and Ice Control Policy 2020-006 as presented. The policy has been developed to assist Council and Administration in establishing and monitoring service levels related to snow removal and winter maintenance of roads, trails and facilities.


South Red Deer Regional Wastewater Operating Agreement

The Town’s current operating agreement with the South Red Deer Regional Wastewater Commission is set to expire on December 31, 2020. At Tuesday’s meeting, Council approved entering into a new operating agreement with a term ending December 31, 2023.




Innisfail Town Council strives to maintain a level of openness with its residents. The highlights above only briefly touch upon the exchanges and decisions reached during the most recent Council meeting. To find full details on the proceedings, click here. Meeting agendas and minutes are available for review.


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