The following are highlights from the November 23, 2020 Regular Meeting of Council.


Town of Innisfail Economic Development Plan 2021-2026

Administration and representatives of 13 Ways Inc. presented the Innisfail Economic Development Plan 2021-2026. Council reviewed and then adopted the plan. Administration noted that extensive communications are planned in the upcoming weeks.


Notice of Motion - Mask Requirements in the Town Administration Building

A motion was carried requiring Town Councilors to wear masks within the Town Office building when not seated at individual work spaces in Council Chambers (which are now separated by physical barriers). The motion also directed administration to draft a formal policy outlining mask requirements for staff and Council in the workplace.


Council Meeting Start Times to remain at 3 p.m.

Earlier this year, Council Meeting start times were moved to 3 p.m. for a limited trial period. At Monday’s meeting, Council approved 3 p.m. as the permanent start time for Council meetings.


Whistle Cessation Update

Town administration summarized the work done towards whistle cessation within town limits. Now that all assessments are complete, minimal changes are needed. Council approved the necessary changes which are planned as part of the 2021 capital budget at a cost of $75,000.


Pedestrian Rail Crossing at 47 Street and 54 Avenue

Town Administration has now identified changes needed to secure a pedestrian crossing at 47 Street and 54 Avenue. The approximate cost to complete the crossing is $450,000, with $150,000 needed to complete the paved trail. Funds for the project will come from the general and railway reserves. Design and construction of the project will now move forward.


Update - Public Notification Bylaw

The Town’s Public Notification Bylaw was updated in August of this year. At the Monday, Nov. 23 Council Meeting, Administration reported that the Town has received no feedback on the new bylaw and are confident that the advertising requirements of the bylaw are functioning well.



Innisfail Town Council strives to maintain a level of openness with its residents. The highlights above only briefly touch upon the exchanges and decisions reached during the most recent Council meeting. To find full details on the proceedings, click here. Meeting agendas and minutes are available for review.


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