With a focus on strategic vision, community building, service, and a commitment to continuous improvement and operational efficiency, the Innisfail Town Council on Monday, Dec. 10, 2018, approved the Town’s 2019 operating and capital budgets.

The approved budget is an ambitious, yet responsible, fiscal year with an operating budget of $21,943,536 and a capital budget of $5,814,021 with a $109,630 contingency in place. Council also approved a tax increase that will be fully determined in March 2019. Proposed budgets for 2020 and 2021 were also adopted. Additional information on the approved budget can be obtained at the Town Office.


Budget Highlights



The 2019 estimated tax assessments for the town have projected minimal increases at 0.55% for residential and 0.37% for commercial. This estimates a gain of $41,150. The budget also includes a tax increase that will be determined in March 2019 after assessments are submitted by the assessor. The mill rate will increase by at least 1%, however, total mill rate depends on assessment values.


Utility Rates

Water rates will increase from $2.25 per cubic metre to $2.30 per cubic metre, reflecting an increase of the same amount applied by the Mountain View Regional Water Commission. The water flat rate will remain unchanged at $10 per metered site.


The South Red Deer Regional Waste Water Commission have increased their costs, however, the town Wastewater (sewer) rates will remain the same at $3.15 per cubic metre until a review of the rates in 2019. The wastewater flat rate will as remain the same at $10 per metered site.


Solid waste (garbage) rates will remain the same at $18 per month and recycling at $5 per month. With the current service contract up for renewal in March 2019, tenders have been received and administration will bring forward the discussion of solid waste to the council in 2019. 



Deliberations for the 2019 budget generated conversations around wages, staffing levels with the need for additional staff in a number of areas. The budget has incorporated a cost of living increase of 2% for staff; a level of merit increase is also obtainable during performance reviews.

Council approved two new full-time positions: RCMP Municipal Clerk and Administrative Assistant. The support of these positions will help alleviate workloads through the day-to-day administration. This means less time in the office and more “boots on the ground” for the RCMP, and more time for Town staff to address community projects, improvements, and its members. The budget also supports an increase of three summer staff.


2019 Capital Projects

With an ambitious year ahead, there is a number of exciting community improvement and enhancement initiatives on the horizon. Some of the larger capital projects happening in 2019 include: 45 Avenue Reconstruction, Lakewood Drive Overlay, Skate Park, Trail Replacement, Phase 2 of the Wayfinding Signage Project, Aquatics Washroom Installation, the acquisition of a new street sweeper, and a number of upgrades to the Aquatic Centre, Arena, and the Curling Rink.


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