Posted 17 April 2015

Exciting upgrades are coming to the Napoleon Lake Trail System

The Rotary Club of Innisfail and the Town of Innisfail have teamed up to make the trail system around the west side of Napoleon Lake even better.

At its April 13 meeting, Innisfail Council adopted the Napoleon Lake Trail Upgrade concept plan as a guide for trail and park improvements along the lake’s west side.

The Town and the Rotary Club have spent the past several months working on the final concept for the upgrades that included the development of concept drawings, a preliminary project budget estimated at $92,000 and the collection of public input on these concepts.

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Posted 10 April 2015

Keep Dutch elm disease out of Alberta

Did you know there's an elm tree pruning ban in effect from now until September?
Don’t prune your elm trees from now until Sept. 30 to help keep Dutch elm disease (DED) out of Alberta.

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Posted 10 April 2015

Help us make Innisfail even better!

The Town of Innisfail is conducting a municipal census from now until June 19, 2015. 

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Posted 20 February 2015

Black Knot - Dibotryon morbosum (fungi)

Black Knot occurs naturally and is caused by a fungus, Dibotryon morbosum. It is a widespread and serious problem in this area. The disease infects Mayday, Chokecherry, Pin Cherry and members of the Prunus family, and can lead to the eventual death of the tree if proper control measures are not taken. The disease becomes more serious with each growing season.

The disease is very visible this time of year. Thickened, black knotty material is seen on twigs, branches, fruit spurs, and occasionally on the trunk. These knots continue to grow each season, eventually killing the branch, by restricting water and nutrient flow.

The best defense is to begin with resistant varieties. Check your local garden centre for recommendations. The first step in disease control is eradication. Prune out all knots and signs of infection as soon as they are noticed. Make pruning cuts at least 8 inches below the swollen, black area. To prevent spreading of the fungus, dip pruning tools in a 10 percent bleach solution between cuts. Destroy infected branches by burning or complete disposal. Trees that are completely infected should be removed and burned to avoid spreading infection. Keep trees healthy by providing adequate moisture and nutrients.
Do not place infected plant material in the yard waste pickup, composter or use as mulch or store as firewood.


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Posted 02 February 2015

Council review: Visitor Information Booths in the Digital age.

To recap Town Council has been actively viewing the online video library of Roger Brooks an expert in the fields of tourism, community branding, downtown development, and destination marketing.

Brooks is extraordinarily dynamic. He’s also very funny, combining humorous video clips and fascinating real-life stories, while providing steps, rules and ingredients – bottom line solutions.

Council members have commented on the excellent info and relevant examples provided in these video presentations and how they relate to our communities strengths and areas that could use more innovation and direction.

Council recently chatted about the fourteenth video they have watched in the Brooks’ series called the Visitor Information Booths in the Digital Age.

In this video Roger teaches things to do and know to maximize the return on investment for visitor information services. His suggestions are to the point regarding ideal locations, operating hours, brochure distribution and integrating new ideas and technologies that maximize immediate Internet access with smart phones, tablets and navigation systems.

Observations and comments from Council after this video presentation:

Councillor Mark Kemball ran with Brooks’ ideas of adding a travelling Visitor Information Booth to attend events in and around Innisfail, like the Daines Rodeo. Councillor Doug Boss carried on with the idea that maybe a Smart car with some Innisfail type of imprinting design on the car, carrying the necessary promo items to events could be effective.

Councillor Doug Bos also commented that currently our Visitor Information Booth is “doing the best with what they’ve got.” Doug mentioned that perhaps selling local products on a consignment type of bases, such as local preserves such as jams, pickled asparagus, and other keep sakes such as Innisfail t-shirts, jackets might give the Visitor Information Booth some extra value features to visitors and residents alike.

Councillor Gavin Bates inquired as to how often recreational vehicles use the dump station at the booth and perhaps that better signage is needed to direct traffic to the Visitor Information Booth.

Councillor Patt Churchill liked the travelling visitor information booth idea and also the idea in the Brooks video for small visitor information kiosks in key locations around town.

The discussion wrapped up a quick review of the current location of our Visitor Information’s Booth in and Brooks’ strong recommendation that the location be in the heart of Town. Mayor Brian Spiller recognized that the majority of business transaction occurs from about the Co-op to the start of old downtown.

Mayor and Council also reflected that it was moved to the current location for ease of access. Council also affirmed there are great ideas put forth in the Roger Brooks online video library presentations and are eager for Brooks’ visit to Innisfail  in June 2015.

The next video in the Roger Brooks video library series council will review is called Recruiting Tourism Development Projects.

View the online Roger Books video library here: 

For online access please call Town office (403-227-3376) or the Innisfail Chamber (403-227-1177) or email [email protected] or [email protected].


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