Neighbourhood Block Party

There are so many reasons to have a Block Party in your neighbourhood!

Apart from having loads of fun, block parties provide an opportunity for neighbours to get to know each other, increasing a sense of belonging and safety in your neighbourhood. Get connected, make new friends and build bonds with your block party all year round!


 What is a Block Party?

A Block Party can be a lot of fun and bring neighbourhood residents closer. It is a neighbourhood specific party that is organized and attended by people in your neighbourhood. Block Parties can be held in a number of different venues, such as: on a neighbourhood street (street closure application applies), outside in a public park, inside a community hall, in a neighbour’s home or even a condo common area.

Neighbours who want to take part either help organize, show up or both! For further incentive, Block Parties are also sponsored by local businesses supplying free items to help make your party a success (sponsorship is limited and varies season to season).

How to Kick-Start a Block Party

  • Start by downloading and printing the Tool Kit below. Read the document and follow the party planning suggestions and application instructions.
  • Use the Tool Kit suggestions and tools to reach out to your neighbours to create interest and ask for support.
  • When a neighbourhood has committed to a Block Party, complete the application and supporting documents. Submit your application package to the Town Office at least three weeks before your party date (this is to ensure enough time to process the application and street closure is required).

Download the Block Party Tool Kit

Perks of Throwing a Block Party 

  • Have fun while you see this social gathering bring neighbours closer.
  • Neighbours that know each other better opens the door to neighbourhood organized activities such as spring cleaning, snow shovelling, gardening, etc.
  • Closer neighbours create safer communities and instill a sense of pride and belonging in your community.