Community Bylaws

Find information pertaining to the Town of Innisfail’s most frequently accessed bylaws.
To access the ‘Most Commonly Requested Bylaws’ click the link below. If you don’t see a specific bylaw listed, please contact the Town Office.

FAQ: Traffic Bylaw

How long can I park my trailer or Motorhome on the street?
All recreational vehicles are permitted to be parked on the street for a period of 72 hours at a time, then they must be moved to an off highway location for a minimum period of 48 hours before returning.
Can I park my trailer on the street unattached?
No, unattached trailers must be parked on private property.
Are there any parking restrictions for trailers or motorhomes on my property?
Yes. All trailers and motorhomes must be either parked along the side portion or in the rear portion of your property from October 31 to April 1.
Are residents required to shovel their sidewalks?
Property owners and residents are required to ensure sidewalks adjacent to their properties are free from snow and ice in the winter, and from debris such as leaves and dirt during warmer seasons. Walkways should be cleared down to bare pavement to ensure they don’t pose a hazard to pedestrians.
What is a Street Maintenance Zone?
A Street Maintenance Zone is anywhere there is “No Parking” signs posted either prior to or during maintenance work being conducted on the street or immediate area. Types of maintenance can vary from snow removal, street sweeping, road construction, adjacent tree

Maintenance, etc. Parking in these zones could result in your vehicle being either ticketed or towed or both.

How much notice do I get when a Street Maintenance Zone is going to be put into effect?
No parking signs will be posted 24 hours in advance of work being done to give residents sufficient notice to move their vehicles. In the case of an emergency, signs may be placed out immediately, and vehicles may need to be removed, however every effort will be made to contact vehicle owners first in this circumstance.

FAQ: Nuisance Bylaw

When might my property be considered a Nuisance?
Your property may be considered a Nuisance when anything that is visible from outside of your property may make the property appear unsightly, or pose a potential safety or health risk to other residents.

Some examples of what may make a property unsightly are, old interior furniture or appliances being kept outside, derelict vehicles or vehicle parts spread throughout the property, or tall grass (grass taller than 15 cm) and weeds throughout your property.

Determination of an unsightly property will be made by the investigating Community Peace Officer when attending the property as a result of a complaint or regular proactive enforcement.

What would be considered a Derelict Vehicle?
A derelict vehicle would be any type of vehicle that is incapable of proper operation currently and is stored in a manner visible from outside the property, and that would make the property appear unsightly.

FAQ: Community Standards Bylaw

What time do Noise regulations take effect in town?
In residential areas, regular Noise regulations are in effect 24 hours a day. Construction Noise is limited from 7:00 am – 10:00 pm, Monday to Saturday, and 9:00 am – 10:00 pm on Sundays.
Is there a curfew in town?
Yes. All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult in a public place between the hours of 11:00 pm and 6:00 am. Exceptions to this on any day would be if it is in the course of his or her employment or while returning home as soon as reasonable practical from an organized sporting or other event that has been supervised by an adult.

If you have any questions in relation to any of these Bylaws, or you would like to report a violation, please contact the Town Office at 403-227-3376 during regular business hours Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Commonly Requested Bylaws

Animal Control Bylaw 1537-2012
Pet Licensing 

An Owner of a dog or cat aged twelve (12) weeks or older shall obtain a license from the Town of Innisfail. Licenses are purchased annually. Purchase dates should be pursuant to regular scheduled work hours.

Current Residents and/or Current Pet Owners 

Annual Fee Specifics Purchase Date
$20 Spayed/Neutered Prior to 4:15pm on Jan 31
$40 Non-Spayed/Neutered Prior to 4:15pm on Jan 31
$30 Spayed/Neutered After Jan 31
$50 Non-Spayed/Neutered After Jan 31

New Residents and/or New Dog/Cat Owners

Annual Fee Specifics Purchase Date
$20 Spayed/Neutered Current Year
$40 Non-Spayed/Neutered Current Year

Replacement tags are $10 per tag.

Pets On / Off Leash

Dogs & cats must be on a leash with a collar and tag when off owner premises. The owner must be ensuring that an animal in heat is confined to the residence or a licensed kennel during the entirety of the period of heat. The only exception to heat confinement is solely defecation needs.

Dogs & cats may be unrestrained by a leash in areas designated to be “off-leash” with signage. Any dog deemed to be a vicious dog may not enter off-leash areas.

Animal Noise / Defecation Complaints Removal

If you wish to make a complaint please phone the town office at 403-227-3376. We will need your full name, phone number, and address. All gathered information is required and kept confidential. The complaint will be escalated to our Peace Officers who also log the complaint and speak with both parties separately.

Should a second instance, several weeks after the initial complaint, occur then phone the town office again. The Peace Officers will be re-notified and a Barking Log will be given to the complainant for detailed recording. Barking Logs are used solely for noise. Anything beyond noise will be recorded in a witness statement.

It is the owner’s responsibility to remove their animal’s fecal matter through a suitable means. Should a complaint need to be registered the steps above should be taken.

For full details: Bylaw 1537-2012 Part 2, 3, 6 & 9

Business Licenses Bylaw 1556 - 2013
General Licensing

If your business operates in full or in part within the Town of Innisfail a business license is required. Any business that has more than one location needs multiple business licenses; one for each location. If more than one business operates out of the same building then each business will need a separate business license. Should a business no longer be functioning but has a business license then the licensee must immediately notify the License Inspector at the Town Hall 403-227-3376.

License Inspectors also have the right to inspect business premises. The inspector may cancel or suspend the business license wherein business must cease to operate immediately.


An existing business license issued under this bylaw may be transferred upon application to and approval by the licensing inspector in the following circumstances:

  • When the transfer is from one licensee to another for the same businesses in the same business premises
  • When the transfer is for a change of civic address from one premises to another for the same licensee and business
  • All business license transfers must comply with the provisions of this and any other bylaw held with the Town of Innisfail
  • A licensee may not apply for a business license transfer where only the assets of a business were sold and transferred between licensees
Applications & Renewals

On or about November 1 of each calendar year, the Licensing Inspector shall issue a letter to the Licensee of a business license issued in the previous year for the amount required to renew the business license for another year, to come to the Town Office to update any information and pay the business licensing fee and receive the business license renewal for the next year.

An early application discount will be given for payment received by December 15th.

Deadline to renew a business license for the current year will be on the 31st day of January. Penalties will be applied to outstanding accounts after January 31 and can also lead to further offenses.

Note: dates should be pursuant to regular scheduled work hours

 For full details: Bylaw 1556 – 2011 Part 3, 4, 5, 9 & 10

Community Standards Bylaw 1498 (noise, graffiti)

No person shall cause or permit any noise, with no exceptions, that ANNOYS or DISTURBS the peace of any other person.

Excessive noise is determined with type, volume, duration, time of day, day of week, nature and use of the surrounding area.

Noise from construction may only occur Monday – Saturday from 7am to 10pm and Sunday from 9am to 10pm. These hourly rules do not apply to any work carried on by the Town, contractors working on behalf of the Town, or snow removal.

To report a noise complaint:
Peace Officers on weekday – 403-227-3376
RCMP on weekend – 403-227-3342

For full details: Bylaw 1498 Part 4 & 6

Traffic Bylaw 1629 – 2019 (parking, recreational vehicles, snow removal)
Any vehicle that has not moved from a public space within 72 hours will be tagged and towed as an abandoned vehicle. This portion of the bylaw is specific to trailers and recreational vehicles but for more specific information on regular vehicles please see: Traffic Safety Act

No vehicles may be parked in any alley within town, however; alleys may be used for loading or unloading (not exceeding 30 minutes) and loading or unloading of goods or passengers from a non-commercial vehicle (not exceeding 30 minutes or creating an obstruction).

Recreation vehicles and trailers may be parked in the front, front yard, parcel, or flanking side yard of a residence between April 1 through October 31 only. External to April 1 through October 31 they may be parked beside or behind a residence on the stipulation that it does not encroach beyond the point of flush with the residence on the road side of said residence.

Loading and unloading of goods to businesses on 50th Street shall be from the rear or side of the business only.

For full details: Bylaw 1629 – 2019

Nuisance Bylaw 1475 - 2011 (unsightly yards and grass)

For announcements on road snow removal please like our Facebook Page. The Town also has written snow removal priorities that can be found at on our website.

All persons owning or occupying premises in the Town of Innisfail, shall remove and clear away all snow, ice, dirt, and other obstructions from the sidewalk within forty eight (48) hours of the deposit of matter. Should the matter not be adequately removed within the forty eight (48) hours the town holds the right to remove the matter themselves and bequeath the cost to the persons owning or occupying the premises.

Fences, shrubs, vegetation, walls or other structures planted or erected must not exceed 3 feet in the front of the property and 6 feet in the back of the property.

For full details: Bylaw 1475 – 2011 Part 11 & 14

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