The Enforcement Office

The Town employs Community Peace Officers, who are responsible for the enforcement of the Town's bylaws, various provincial regulations and the animal control needs of the community.



Your Peace Officers

The Town of Innisfail Community Peace Officers are provincially appointed enforcement officers, and they investigate and enforce all municipal legislation. Our Peace Officers are also able to enforce some of the more common provincial statutes such as: 
While our Community Peace Officers have the ability to enforce, the Town prefers to work with residents for voluntary compliance of the community bylaws before enacting enforcement actions, such as issuing tickets or seeking stronger solutions.  
If you have questions about community enforcement, contact or stop by the Town Office.

graffit removal

Graffiti Removal

The Town of Innisfail works to keep the town clean and free of graffiti, and other forms of vandalism, at all times. If you are having issues or have questions about graffiti removal, please contact the Town Office.