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Municipal Development Plan

The Municipal Development Plan (MDP) serves as the main framework for planning and development decisions in Innisfail. The plan is a statutory document, meaning it has been adopted by Town Council through bylaw.


It is based on a creative consensus surrounding the social, cultural, economic, built and natural environment. The MDP strategically addresses the community’s immediate needs while at the same time develops long-term goals for future development and growth of the community.

Municipal Development Plan


Town of Innisfail / Red Deer County Intermunicipal Development Plan

The Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP) promotes a cooperative approach to managing future growth and development in the area around the town.


The IDP serves as a tool for coordinating future land uses and development between the two municipalities. It also establishes a framework for the two municipalities to work together to address issues of mutual concern.

IDP Development


Land Use Bylaw

Innisfail's Land Use Bylaw regulates and controls the use and development of land and buildings. This document implements the policies contained in the Municipal Development Plan and other approved plans


A current, consolidated version of the Land Use Bylaw, and the Land Use Bylaw Zoning map can be downloaded by clicking on the following links:

Land Use Bylaw

Land Use Bylaw Zoning Map


Area Structure & Outline Plans

An Area Structure Plan (ASP) proposes a sequence of development for a select area of the town. It addresses the future land uses, the density of population, and the general location of transportation and public utilities. The plan is a statutory document that must be passed by bylaw.


Currently approved plans include:


Outline plans provide a more specific planning framework for an area included within an Area Structure Plan and conform to the general principles and concepts established in the Area Structure Plans. Currently approved plans include:


In 2012 the Town completed the Downtown Innisfail Area Redevelopment Plan. This serves as a guide for future changes the community would like to see in the central commercial area.

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