Subdivision Approvals

Subdivision applications must be approved by the Subdivision Authority. The subdivision process ensures that proposals are consistent with future development and planning goals.


Subdivision approval is the process to create new land titles. Subdivision approval is required when:

  • Creating lots for new neighbourhoods
  • Creating separate land titles for each unit of a duplex or row housing
  • Creating separate land titles for each dwelling on a single parcel
  • Redefining the property boundaries between two parcels

The evaluation period may be lengthy due to a number of complex considerations – e.g. infrastructure, transportation systems, parks, housing density, zoning or land use districting. Parkland Community Planning Services processes all subdivision applications within the Town of Innisfail.

Parkland Comunity Planning Services (PCPS)

Unit B, 4730 Ross Street
Red Deer, Alberta T4N 1X2

Phone: 403-343-3394
Fax: 403-346-1570
E-mail: [email protected]

PCPS is an inter-municipal services agency that provides a broad range of planning services to urban and rural municipalities. Under contract with the Town of Innisfail, PCPS acts as part of the Town's planning department.

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