Public Works

The Public Works Department is primarily responsible for maintaining the Town’s road and sidewalk system, storm drainage system, and operating the waste transfer station.

road painting

Road System Maintenance

  • Snow and ice control – clearing of snow from roads and public parking lots.
  • Pothole repair and crack sealing – filling in potholes in paved roads and applying a tar sealant on cracks in road and trail surfaces.
  • Line painting and crosswalk markings – repainting existing road surface markings.
  • Roadside signs and traffic control devices – installation of new and replacement of damaged signs in Town roadways and ongoing maintenance of traffic signals.
  • Street sweeping and boulevard cleaning – the removal of gravel and debris from road surfaces and boulevards as needed.
  • Road repair and patching – reconstruction of small segments of road surfaces.
  • Lane grading and dust control on gravel roads – smoothing out gravel surfaces in lanes and unpaved roadways and applying dust control materials.
  • Street lighting – making sure street lights are operating and passing requests for maintenance and repair to FortisAlberta (contractor responsible for street lights).
  • Railway crossings – maintaining road crossings and working with Canadian Pacific Railway.

Road Maintenance

Sidewalks, Trails & Parking Lots

  • Sidewalk repair – replacing segments of sidewalk and fixing tripping hazards.

  • Trail maintenance – patching and crack sealing along the Town’s asphalt trail system.

  • Town parking lot maintenance – cleaning, snow removal and line markings for all parking lots at various Town owned facilities (e.g. pool).

road construction

Storm Drainage Maintenance

  • Steaming and flushing storm sewer mains and catchbasins – thawing ice during winter and spring  and clearing debris that would prevent water flowing into the storm sewer pipes or through culverts.

  • Checking and maintaining water levels at storm water management facilities – operation and maintenance of controlled outlets from various storm ponds and lakes used for storm water collection.

  • Repair and replacement of catchbasins and storm sewers – fixing the piped storm water collection system.

  • Cleaning and maintaining roadside ditches and key drainage courses – clearing debris and other obstructions that may prevent drainage.

other resp

Other Responsibilities

  • Street decorations – assisting with the set-up of Christmas lights and decorations during the Christmas season.

  • Vehicle and equipment maintenance – routine upkeep of Town vehicles and equipment throughout the year as needed.

  • Heliport maintenance – keeping the helipad clear of debris and in safe working order throughout the year.

  • Temporary road closures – set out barricades, road closure and detour signage as needed throughout the year.