Town of Innisfail Snow Removal


Town of Innisfail staff work to ensure that roadways are kept accessible to all residents throughout the winter season. They are committed to providing efficient snow removal and ice control.

Snow removal involves a number of different factors, most important of which is the weather! Snowfall events are sometimes difficult to predict and may require crews to alter their routes accordingly.


Snow removal generally takes place in two major phases. The first phase is meant to open roadways to allow vehicles to move through town. This also ensures that emergency and essential-service vehicles can function properly. The second phase involves removal of windrows and removal of accumulated snow.



Snow Removal Map

Town routes are categorized by priority and are highlighted on the map below.


Town of Innisfail Snow Removal Priority Map SMALL2 2019


Priority 1 routes (red) are the major roads linking to highways and key facilities such as the hospital and fire department.


Priority 2 routes (yellow) are the main roads or collector roads into the neighbourhoods.


Priority 3 roads are all remaining local roads. Lanes and alleys are assigned as Priority 4 (not shown on map) and are cleared after all other priority routes have been cleared. Special conditions, such as when a storm hits, may change priority.

(click here to download map) 


Sidewalks and Walkways - Snow and Ice Removal

The clearing of sidewalks is the shared responsibility of many community partners. The Town clears some public walkways, but property owners and residents are required to ensure sidewalks adjacent to their properties are free from snow and ice. Walkways should be cleared down to bare pavement to ensure they don't pose a hazard to pedestrians.


Section 11.1 of the Town of Innisfail's Traffic Bylaw states:

"All Persons owning or occupying a parceI of Iand in the Town, shall remove and clear away all snow, ice, dirt and other Obstructions from the sidewalk situated on land adjoining such parcel of land within forty-eight ( 48) hours of the time that such snow, ice, dirt or other Obstruction was deposited thereon."


To avoid possible fines and fees for snow and ice removal, please ensure sidewalks adjacent to your property are free of snow and ice.




Snow Removal Schedule

The following routes are scheduled for snow removal:


Wednesday, November 25, 2020

• 37 St from 52 Ave to 54 Ave

• 36 A St from 37 St to 54 Ave

• 54 Ave from 36 A St

• 36 St from 36 A St to 54 Ave

• Margot Close

• 37 A St from 36 A St to 54 Ave

• 53 Ave from37 A St to 37 St

• 54 Ave from 42 St to end

• 38 St from 54 Ave to 53 Ave

• 39 St Cres from 54 Ave to 54 Ave

• 39 St Close









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