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In 2018, The Town of Innisfail upgraded water meter reading systems for residences and businesses. These modernized systems offer the ability to collect data in an efficient and detailed manner, ensuring reliable billing practices. Now, you can monitor and manage your own water consumption. 

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We're putting control in your hands! Through the website, the system allows you to monitor and manage your own water consumption. Now you can monitor your water usage, pinpoint sources of leaks and unwanted flow, and ultimately save on your utility bill. Create your own water conservation strategy and see the results in action! The meter registers offer technological and operational advantages. They operate on a fixed network system, which will allow readings to be collected through a remote download twice a day. To put that into perspective, readings are currently collected once a month — and only by driving past every property in town. Master Meter Products Canada Inc., a professional water meter service company that worked on behalf of the Town to complete this project. 


Water Meter Project FAQ  

Was this upgrade mandatory?

In accordance with the Town’s Utilities Bylaw, every property in town must have a valid, functioning water meter. Even if your meter is still functioning as it should, the upgrade is required to ensure the continuous, uninterrupted collection of data.


Why did this upgrade happen?

With some meter registers in town having exhausted their lifespan, 2018 was the most sensible time to implement a town-wide upgrade. It took several months to install new meter registers at every residence and business in town, but the technology will ensure the system stays current and effective for up to 20 years.


Have previous meter readings been wrong?

In a word — NO! Any meter registers that have failed have had a shorter-than-expected battery life. This impacts a meter’s ability to display and transmit data — not its measuring capabilities. If your meter goes blank as a result of a dead battery, your current water consumption will be estimated based on your previous water consumption.


Did these upgrades cause my water bills to go up?

NO — the capital cost of the project was funded from reserves. 


Isn't Radio Frequency (RF) Energy that is associated with wireless (smart) meters bad for our health?

Here’s what Health Canada has to say on the matter:

“Unlike cellular phones, where the transmitter is held close to the head and much of the RF energy that is absorbed is localized to one specific area, RF energy from smart meters is typically transmitted at a much greater distance from the human body. This results in very low RF exposure levels across the entire body, much like exposure to AM or FM radio broadcast signals. Since RF energy exposure levels are far below Canadian and international safety limits, Health Canada does not consider that any precautionary measures are needed to reduce RF energy exposure from smart meters.” 

Rest assured, all installations will be carried out in a compliant manner.